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Pushbullet is the answer to a question you might never otherwise have asked, but now realize that you need - why should you need to pick up your phone to get messages and respond to them? It also solves the annoying problem of sending stuff to your phone by emailing yourself or messaging yourself on social networking. Unfortunately, the Firefox version isn't as fully-featured as its desktop-class or Chrome cousins, which reduces its usefulness and makes a case for using the other browsers.
Get your mobile notifications and respond to them without having to leave your PC with Pushbullet for Firefox.

Pushbullet lets you get your notifications, links and even files from your mobile and have them sent to your desktop. You can read them, respond to them, or store them so you can check them out later. Pushbullet doesn't need any other apps to work, only your browser and the mobile app.

Pushbullet can reply to texts that you receive on your phone right from your desktop, and when you dismiss them in the browser, they'll disappear from your phone too. You can also send images, links, addresses, and other content to your phone with just a right click.

Pushbullet needs its mobile app to be installed on your Android or iOS device for the extension to work.

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