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Turn yourself into an anime character with Puppemoji for iPhone.

Transcend on what you can become as an anime character in Puppemoji for iPhone. When you want to be different anonymous, you can mask yourself into different character using this app.

Thanks to AR, you can be any animal like a sloth, a video game character, an anime character or just add a black bar over your eyes. Aside from wrapping yourself in real time, you can also do the same to the photos in your library.

However, this app works best with a live face. You can also change your background in the shot. And if you are using one of the anime characters, you can also cover your torso with the clothing of that anime character and manipulate the hands of the anime character itself.

Aside from hiding your real face, you can also mask or change the pitch of your voice while recording a video message.

Mask yourself with Puppemoji for iPhone.

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