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About Project Highrise

Be the architect in Project Highrise for iPad.

One of the many dreams we have as a kid is to build tall buildings. Some of us managed to achieve it while some of us just dreams about it. But all of us wants to play Project Highrise for iPad. Unleash your creativity as you design high rise buildings in your iPhone.

This game is all about building world famous skyscrapers and manage every aspect of the build from construction to managing it. You have many choices on who to target and how to design it.

There is also a full campaign mode, a variety of tenants with each having their own quirks and characteristics, an open sandbox with difficulty levels, hire specialized consultants and more.

The mobile game also comes complete with downloadable content from the PC version of the game including the Miami Malls, Las Vegas and Tokyo Towers expansion packs.

Play this game for $3.99.

Build, build and build sky high in Project Highrise for iPad.

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