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About Prison Architect: Mobile

Be the architect and warden of your own prison in Prison Architect: Mobile for Android.

The popular prison building game is in your Android device in Prison Architect: Mobile. here, you get to build from the ground up, your own prison complex complete with cells. canteens, guard rooms, workout areas, solitary confinement, an execution chamber and many more infrastructure. Your prison must be built to accommodate a wide variety of prisoners, get started on its story driven campaign in order to learn new prison building techniques, cut scenes and objectives that show life behind bars and more. You can also get more chapters to unlock as one time purchases.

Being warden is hard and difficult as you must juggle your responsibilities of making sure that your prison is run efficiently, keeping the prisoners' well being check, maintaining the budget, watch out for riots, fights, floods, fires and the like.   

Design, build and run a prison complex in Prison Architect: Mobile for Android.

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