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Reviewing for tests with practice exams and heavy reading isn't always enough - sometimes you need to be pushed along the right path, and see where you're doing badly and improve on those specific lines. The analytics provided by Prep4 SAT address this issue easily and intuitively, showing you where you should focus on, and even teaching you how to avoid traps. Its practice tests and flash card reviewers are also excellent as well. An essential companion for anyone with a SAT goal score in mind.
Study for the SATs in the palm of your hand with Prep4 SAT for the iPhone.

Prep4 SAT gives you a variety of testing tools and lessons that can help you study for the SATs, including realistic practice tests that resemble real exams, flashcard reviews, score analytics, and more.

The app provides bite-sized lessons that can be completed quickly, teaching essential topics and concepts that the SATs will explore in a jiffy. It will also let you answer thousands of practice questions, each with their own answers and detailed explanations, as well as hundreds of flash cards that can help you study.

With Prep4 SAT, you can either follow a study guide or choose what types of questions you want to study. The app will also show you how to avoid common question traps, analyzes your scores on tests and shows you where you're weak so you can study harder in those fields, and even gives you an estimated SAT score so you can see how well you're doing.

Having difficulty with any topic or concept? Prep4 SAT has you covered, with access to SAT experts who can help you one-on-one through the app with any problems you may be having. You'll also get to view 400 different schools and universities, and add them to a personal Top Schools list, viewing their average SAT scores so you can see how much more work you need to do to make it to your school of choice.

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