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PotPlayer allows you to play almost any video file you have, even exotic stuff like 3D, and correctly displays even advanced subtitle styles nearly all the time - all with hardly any configuration or tweaking at all. It also comes with GPU acceleration, which many other players have but require a little configuration. Aside from that, PotPlayer has no real special features, but it does the basics very well.
Perform all your multimedia playback in one place with PotPlayer.

supports all major audio and video multimedia formats out of the box. The software uses hardware acceleration through a variety of methods including DXVA, CUDA, and QuickSync, so you get the best possible performance and quality.

The player also works with text subtitles via SMI and SRT files, as well as Blu-Ray subs, ASS/SSA, VobSub, and many more. You can preview different scenes in videos through snapshots, select from multiple audio devices, and bookmark your favorite timestamps or chapters for individual movies.

supports three 3D viewing formats - Side by Side, Top and Bottom, and Page Flipping. You can add more codecs to PotPlayer's supported roster through OpenCodec, allowing you to download more codecs and ensure playback of any file.

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