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Identify plastics properly with Polyvance for iPhone.

Not all plastics are the same. Plastic products have their own identification symbols based on which the plastic resin/product is made. Having symbols make it easier to determine in sorting plastics to be recycled and reused.

is an app that will help you identify plastics and how to repair them. It has 4 sections in: Plastics Identification. Standard Operating Procedures, Welder Companion and Videos. There are some plastic that can be repaired thus prolonging its lifespan and helping the environment a bit. This app will help you figure out on what kind of plastics that can saved for repair and how to do it properly with proper procedures and techniques.

The app also has quick start guides, general troubleshooting guides and more.

The app is simple to use so you get the needed information fast.

Repair plastics with Polyvance for iPhone.  

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