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About Polca - Retro Camera

Snap a photo using a retro camera in your hands with Polca - Retro Camera for iPhone.

Retro is in. There are many retro inspired designs that are making a comeback. Picture taking is also getting a renaissance with its retro approach. Polca - Retro Camera is an app that turns your iPhone into a retro camera in your hands.

Using this app gives you retro style photos and can obtain results using a 3 stage scene mode. Pressing the button for a short time brings the 1st stage lamp, where light leak effects are used. Weak damage effect are used on the 2nd stage lamp and the 3rd stage lamp is all about a strong damage effect like for example coffee stains.

There are also borders and dates to be added as well.

Simple retro filters in your photos with this app.

Take retro photos with Polca - Retro Camera for iPhone.

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