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Most of the important features of Polaris are locked away behind a paid subscription. Nevertheless, what remains, however barebones, is still a very viable and free solution for document editing. Still, with the new requirement to sign into an account with Polaris, one might decide to look to the official Microsoft apps instead.
Get access to all of your documents, whether on your device or in the cloud, right on your Android device with Polaris Office.

With Polaris Office, you get a complete office productivity suite that lets you view and edit various kinds of documents, such as MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe PDF as well as Google Docs. Access them in the cloud storage service of your choosing, including Box, Dropbox, OneDrive, and more, then save your edited files right back to the cloud.

Polaris Office also includes robust PDF support, allowing you to view PDF files on your mobile device on the go. You can also make annotations and notes on PDF files, and convert various document types to PDF.

The app also organizes your documents, allowing you to search for them via file name, or looking for keywords within their content. You also get handwriting note support, comment and review features on documents, encryption with passcode, and more.

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