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Pokemon Go is a uniquely addictive walking grindfest that, on paper seems repetitive, but taps into a deep-seated desire for collection, and the wildly popular Pokemon franchise as a whole, that has thus far made for a promising premise. After you get past the honeymoon phase, it reveals the true colors of a relatively boring game, but if you're enough of a fan of the world of Pokemon, it's the combined social and adventurous experience that will keep you going. Is it a good game? Perhaps merely mediocre. But that doesn't make it any less fun for the kind of fans who'll truly dive into it.
Catch them all in the real world with Pokémon GO for Android.

Pokemon Go takes one of the most iconic video game franchises ever made, and brings it right into the real world. Classic Pokemon such as Pikachu, Charizard, Blastoise, Pidgey and others dot your local landscape. Each Pokemon can be found near their native environment, such as lakes and rivers for water type Pokemon, and it's up to you to walk to their location to see them and grab them with your Pokeballs.

Along the way, drop by PokeStops to level up and get items for your adventures - they could be museums, monuments, historical markers and other landmarks. Gather eggs and hatch them as you walk around to get more Pokemon, and level them up and make them stronger with items that you get. Make your way to PokeStops with Lures and enjoy a frenzy of Pokemon - or drop your own Lure to attract Pokemon to your PokeStop of choice - and maybe even some trainers as well!

Join one of three major Pokemon Go teams - Mystic, Valor, or Instinct - and assault gyms controlled by other players in tense Pokemon battles. Then, when the tables are turned, defend your gym with your own powerful Pokemon!

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