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Pocket, formerly Read It Later! is an offline reader. When you find something interesting online, such as an article, video, or image, that you don't have the time to view at the moment, you can instead save it to Pocket. Then the app automatically saves the media and syncs it to your devices (desktop, phone, or tablet) so that you can view it for later at your leisure, even without an internet connection.
View and save articles and videos in your Android device with Pocket.

There are times when you are mobile surfing on your Android device that you want to save a particular article from a website or video but you don't want to keep om remembering the URL addresses of each, let Pocket do that for you. This Android app lets you save the articles, videos or an entire webpage that interest you and lets you view these later when you have the time and attention. This is perfect when traveling or waiting in line where there are no internet connection nearby. This app features an easy to view layout.

Save and view websites, articles or videos with Pocket for Android.

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