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Pocket takes away the hassle of having to remember interesting links and articles that you can't quite read at the moment, and saves the content for you to read easily later on, even if you're offline. The app's special reading mode is actually oftentimes more pleasant than the original format of saved content, though bugs and missing text may sometimes occur. The explore mode's personalized and curated content can be hit-or-miss at times, not intelligently taking into account what kind of stuff you actually read or are interested in, but seeing unimportant stories is a minor convenience at worst.
Save and share eye-catching stories without missing anything with Pocket for Google Chrome.

Whenever an article captures your attention while you're busy, or a link piques your interest but you don't have the time to check it out, send it over to Pocket.

The add on will sync your link across all of your devices, putting it in an easy-to-read format that's free from distractions, and make it available offline wherever possible.

Pocket also lets you share your favorite content with your friends, letting you easily recommend the most interesting stories and articles with your friends, as well as making it easy to post links on social media.

With millions of people all over the world using Pocket, a lot of popular content is sure to arise. Discover new and interesting stories curated by Pocket and by your followers from within the app.

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