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Use the right plug when traveling with Plugs of the World for iPhone.

When traveling abroad, there are a few things to prepare for and consider that are totally different from where you are. One of the many things you need to know is the AC power plugs and wall socket used. The sockets and plugs you use and are familiar with may not be the same in your travel destination. To prevent your devices from getting short circuited, you either need an adapter plug or have a compatible one.

Plugs of the World
is an app that contains various information on sockets, wall plugs and voltage in over 250 countries and regions. each of the plug type and socket are illustrated in photos so can get a visual look at it and be familiar with it.

The app also features a text search, an updated database, an easy to use navigation and be able to save your favorite destinations.

Be familiar with the right plug when traveling with Plugs of the World for iPhone.  

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