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About Plant Jammer

Vegetables can be delicious and can fill you up with Plant Jammer for iPhone.

Vegetables are more than side dishes and salads as Plant Jammer proves it to you in your iPhone.

This app brings the flavors of making tasteful vegetable dishes in your kitchen to table using simple methods. This app is suited for food newbies who are learning to cook or those who wants to add vegetables to their repetoire of dishes to do at home. Be inspired to cook vegetables with this app as it teaches you food pairings in order to balance various flavors like Umami, sweet, sour, spicy, salty, oily, crunchy, bitter and more. You will also get to learn on how to use seasonal vegetables, learn to use what you have in your own home and shop for vegetables based on the recipes you have chosen.

You can even create your own vegetable recipe in the app.

Enjoy making dishes involving vegetables with Plant Jammer for iPhone. 

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