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About Places Been - Travel Tracker

Check the places you have visited with Places Been - Travel Tracker for iPhone.

You have traveled to different places around the world. Keep track of those places you have been through with Places Been - Travel Tracker for iPhone.

This tracks and saves the countries you have been through by marking them beautifully with their corresponding country of flag. The app can also generate a list automatically of the places you have been to based on the tags you have made. Aside from tagging cities, you can also tag UNESCO World Heritage sites as well.

The app features a complete list of countries with flags, stats about the places you ahve visited, make bucket lists, generate a personal Flag Map, offline database, import of TripAdvisor My Travel Map and more.

Become a world traveler thanks to this app.

Be encouraged to travel around the world with Places Been - Travel Tracker for iPhone. 

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