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Simple, functional, and aesthetically pleasing with the right use, Pin More is a little expensive for a one-off app, but it does the job well and will continue to be useful for as long as you want to customize your start screen.
Create custom tiles on your start screen on your Windows 10 PC with Pin More.

Pin More allows you to create static tiles with custom pictures and colors, and pin them to your Start screen. The app allows you to choose the background color that you want using a color picker or RGB value, as well as whatever logo or photo that you'd want to display on them. You'll also get to pick up to five images to create a mini slideshow cycling among the photos, displayed on a live tile that you made.

You can export the tiles that you created and share them with your friends. You'll also get to create custom tiles that feature Steam achievements, and live tiles for websites that feature their latest updates.

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