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Keep your family connected and together with Picniic for the iPhone.

Its rare for nowadays to find families that does things together. Usually now, one or two members are not with the rest of family or that everybody else is doing things on their own, being busy to each other and that their normal source of communication is by text or email. Break down that unhealthy lifestyle of families not being together or not even communicating with Picniic for the iPhone. Using technology and the one thing that everyone in the family always use: their iPhone and other similar devices. This app is a family organizer in a sense that it is the central place where you and the rest of the family can share and update. The app features a shared family calendar, shopping lists, meal planner, to do lists, family locator, information locker like emergency contacts, insurance and medical hotlines, plan group events and more.

The app can be integrated with other apps like TeamSnap and others.

Keep everyone in the family at the same page with Picniic for the iPhone.  

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