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About Period Tracker Clue

Managing your menstrual cycle with Period Tracker Clue for Android.

Menstrual cycles can be unpredictable. All you can do is manage is with Period Tracker Clue for Android.

This is both a period and ovulation app that helps discover patterns, unique in your menstrual cycle. It can predict your period, PMS and calculates when you are fertile. Your moods, cravings and more are also tracked. This app is scientific, spot on accurate and straightforward.

When it comes to your period, it can track the days of your period, pain and menstrual flow. It will also remind you when to expect PMS symptoms. You can also use this app for your birth control by logging in your intake and set reminders.

When you are planning to get pregnant, you need to app in order to view your fertility window and set your ovulation calendar.

Manage a healthy menstrual cycle with Period Tracker Clue for Android.

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