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Easy to use, fun to play, and with a wide variety of instruments and features, Perfect Piano is one of the best virtual instruments on Android. The ability to export recorded songs as MIDI, and even connect USB MIDI controllers and keyboards are fascinating addons that may be of some interest to amateur musicians, as well. The app is somewhat held back by a universal Android problem - the platform's audio latency issues mean that there's a very noticeable delay between hitting the keys and the app actually playing the sound.
Carry a complete piano simulator wherever you go with Walk Band - Music Studio for Android.

Walk Band is a high-quality virtual piano app that comes with a variety of features to enhance your playing experience. The app features accurate arrangements of standard piano keys with adjustable key widths, in order to support a full 88-key piano. The keys can be set in a single or dual row format as you desire.

Walk Band comes with multi-touch support, allowing you to strike multiple keys at once to play chords. The app can also detect how hard you are striking the screen with force touch pressure sensitivity.

Multiple instruments can be found in Perfect Piano, including a Grand Piano, Bright Piano, Music Box, Pipe Organ, Rhodes Piano, and Synthesizer. You can also download timbre plugins to expand your instrument range, with bass, electric keyboard, harp, saxophone, and more available for download.

Walk Band also helps you learn how to play different piano pieces, with thousands of songs available with falling note, waterfall, and stave guidance patterns to help teach you new songs.

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