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About Pattern Lock

Pattern Lock is a paid device lock utility that features a new and fun lock alternative for key locking BlackBerry touch phones.

The app basically allows users to lock their phones by drawing a line pattern on a 3 by 3 point interval. The next time they unlock their phone, they’ll use the same pattern they entered.  Any other pattern or order will not unlock the device.

Pattern lock can also lock individual applications, the call screen, and the whole device. It also features options that ranges from notification icons, integration with weather apps, security features and tons of customization options. Users can also save their specific settings into a theme file to share with others and also works with the hardware lock key of the device.

Disclaimer: Users must strictly remember their Pattern. To use many Pattern Lock features, the device must unlock its built-in automatic password. For maximum security, users are advised to use the built-in BlackBerry password lock.

Pattern Lock for BlackBerry costs US $2.99.

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