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From card to mobile adaptation is Pathfinder Adventures for iPad.

The best selling RPG card game in Pathfinder Adventure Card Game makes its way as a new kind of card game for the iPad in Pathfinder Adventures. This is a game where you must cooperate to do battles against monsters and villains, gain allies and get new weapons and items and acquire feats.

When played, those who played the card game will be familiar to how character development is done in the series. Characters have classes, strength, intelligence and dexterity that is different from one another. In due time, you can customize your deck to suit your vision and needs.

Every locale in the card game has been animated recreated in this game. There are also reactive cut scenes, an interactive tutorial, 2 game modes and that there is no need to have a physical card game set requirement.

The card game comes alive and live in Pathfinder Adventures for iPad.      

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