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About Parkour: Roof Riders Lite

Parkour: Roof Riders Lite is a free game app for Android that centers on the sport of parkhour or freerunning for the gameplay.

Parkour or freerunning is widely used in pop culture like films, video games and TV shows for its unusual movements like wall jumps, climbing, rolling, vaulting and more. Parkour fans and casual gamers can now experience the excitement and action of Parkhour as an Android game.

Parkour: Roof Riders is a captivating game of freerunning action, just like the other extreme sport games. The game features great graphics and neat game play in a way most extreme sport games have not. The controls are based on finger slide gestures to perform different movements with the player character. Players can also try to do another trick before the first one finishes for a trick combo.

Parkour: Roof Riders also introduces its new Roof Rider characters, three different scenarios, as well as flips and tricks. It also included performance improvement for devices, score online support and new music.

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