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Paper's flowing, seamless canvas, instant professional-style formatting of notes and checklists, photo spotlighting, and expressive sketching tools all contribute to making one of the most useful and intuitive note-taking apps that we've ever seen. Everything is designed around connecting ideas more effectively than ever, and the minimalistic interface and responsive design work together to make this happen without unnecessary complexity. The best part? Everything is absolutely free.
Change the way you take down notes forever with Paper by WeTransfer for iPad.

Paper by WeTransfer allows you to easily record your inspiration as it comes and preserve it with beautiful instant formatting before it fades.

This note-taking app gives you a canvas where your ideas can instantly be made into checklists, notes, diagrams, and sketches, as it transforms your notes and lists with a single swipe.

You can import photos onto your canvas and draw directly on them, as well as use a spotlight tool to emphasize details. You'll be able to connect photos, sketches, text and other notes in one organized place, where you can produce your ideas effectively and in an intuitive visual manner.

Once your canvas is complete, you can share your ideas by exporting your work as a PDF, Keynote, or PowerPoint presentation, all of which will be created with professional-looking layouting and formatting.

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