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About Paltalk

Paltalk is a chat program on the Internet that allows text chat or make audio conferencing with other users on the web. It is also an ideal program to make new acquaintances with many people around the world.

The interface is intuitive and Paltalk recalls the famous VoIP software Skype. Like the latter, it can easily manage their contact list, and other options like the ability to be informed of the status of his contacts and adding his (absent, busy, offline).

t is even possible to send messages to their contacts offline. They remain stored until its contacts connect and are displayed in real time. Moreover, it is worth noting that Paltalk allows connection to networks ICQ, MSN, AIM and Yahoo! (With receipt of emails and notifications).

Discussions can be individual or group.
For voice communications, simply have a microphone and a sound card (and of course, an Internet connection), they can also be done in groups.  Paltalk lets video chat, to combine image and voice.

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