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While not quite the Photoshop alternative it touts itself as, Paint.NET is definitely a much more lightweight, faster, and far less performance-intensive solution than other competing products, including Adobe's wildly popular software. It could stand to benefit from more features built into the app, though an expansive and dedicated online community has created hundreds of plugins that extend its functionality. A little searching and tweaking could give it everything a professional could need.
Get a robust, fully-featured and free image editor with Paint.NET.

With Paint.NET, you get a simple to use yet very versatile image editing solution that provides you with most standard editing tools that commercial image editors have.

Like competing products, Paint.NET features support for layers, allowing for filters, effects, and other edits to be applied to different parts of images individually. Users can also make vector images and choose colors through a comprehensive color palette.

also has advanced features such as red-eye removal, distortion, noise, and embossing. You also get access to complete image adjustment tools such as brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, and levels. You even get an unlimited edit history so you can revert any changes you've made in one session.

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