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Packing Pro is a paid utility application developed by Quinn Genzel for the iPhone and iPad designed to provide users an easy-to-use tool for creating packing lists complete with export and import options.

This application features 8 different packing lists for different users like business people, campers, etc. Packing Pro also features an Expert List Assistant that automatically creates lists based on the number of people, days, destination, and many more.

In addition, it features a master catalog with more than 800 items with several extra items for pets, babies, cooking, sports, and religion. Users can also customize their lists with Packing Pro's varied customization options from themes and lay-outs to font and font colors.

Other features of this application include a powerful search tool and the ability to export and import master catalogs and packing lists using varied options. Overall, Packing Pro for the iPhone and iPad is a full-featured application for all your travel needs.  Users can download this app for only $2.99.

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