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Bloatware is one of the great problems of modern laptop owners. The collective annoyance and suffering of these people has led to PC Decrapifier, which crowdsources recommendations on what is and isn't bloatware, and gets rid of them in a jiffy. The software works effectively, safely, and requires no arduous process of going through the Add/Remove dialogue with the constant fear that you might remove the wrong thing.
PC Decrapifier removes bloatware, trialware, and other unwanted applications from your computer.

PC Decrapifier can automatically uninstall trial software and useless applications that come preloaded with new computers. When you first start up the software, it'll analyze your PC for a list of potentially unwanted programs based on recommendations made by other users.

You'll select what you want to get rid of, then PC Decrapifier will quickly and safely remove them. You'll get to provide feedback towards the end - user feedback and recommendations are what drive the success of this software.

PC Decrapifier can also remove browser toolbars, OEM Home, AOL and unnecessary start-up items. It is portable, not requiring any installation on a target PC, and can be run directly off a flash drive.

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