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Excellent, high-skill bowling mechanics with various balls to use, a robust career mode with plenty of replayability and unlocks, and virtual versions of real-life bowlers with skills and styles modeled after their namesakes - PBA Bowling Challenge puts up a great fight to be one of the best bowling games on mobile, but suffers somewhat due to recent ad-based mechanics.
Rise up through the ranks of professional bowling with PBA Bowling Challenge for the iPhone.

PBA Bowling Challenge brings the action and skill of bowling right to your iPhone. Start from a local bowling alley with a cheap 12 pounder, hone your skills and challenge the legends of bowling to make your way to the Tournament of Champions.

The game features a career mode that lets you unlock more opponents and locations, as well as a Quick Mode for instant bowling action. You'll get to face off against 22 of the best bowlers in the world, use over 100 bowling balls with various stats, compete in dozens of PBA tournaments each with their own bonus challenges, and more.

PBA Bowling Challenge also features a multiplayer mode powered by GameCenter, allowing you to challenge your friends or get paired up with random opponents through matchmaking. You'll also get to compete with players from all over the world with achievements and leaderboards.

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