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Take notes with just your voice with Otter Voice Notes for Android.

A smart way of taking notes is through the power of your voice is with Otter Voice Notes for Android.

You can take down notes that makes you remember, empowered and be able to share voice conversations right in your device. This app combines audio, inline photos, transcription, speaker identification and key phrases to make notes that truly sticks to you. It is designed to help you be more focused, efficient and collaborative in your lectures, meetings, interviews and other conversations.

Even on its free plan, a lot is packed for features like 600 minutes of transcription per month, transcribe in real time, unlimited cloud storage for conversations, take photos, playback recording with synchronized word recording, record audio via Bluetooth or internal mic, can identify speakers automatically bu enrolling voiceprints and tag otehr speakers manually into the app, export audio as mp3 and more.

Use your voice to take notes with Otter Voice Notes for Android.

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