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Orweb is a little slow, and some of the latest features of various browsers like pre-caching and extensions are not present. It does however offer a singular level of privacy and security that can't be matched, both in quality of service and ease of use. For this purpose, Orweb is the best you can hope for.
Surf on a secured browser on your Android smartphone with OrWeb.

OrWeb provides a safe and secure browsing experience by making use of the Tor network to encrypt your traffic and bounce it around the world via multiple computers, instead of connecting to your destination directly. This method allows it to protect your identity on the web, and also allows you to bypass network and location restrictions.

Orweb stores no browsing history, and gives you the option of blocking cookies, disguising your device as a phone, PC, tablet, or others, and is resistant to Flash and Javascript attacks. The browser's security features are easy to use, with the anonymous web experience just a few taps away.

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