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About Opera browser

Opera is a free web browser application for mobile Android.

Opera takes users to a new level of mobile web browsing experience with its promising features and efficiency. Like its PC counterpart, this web browser also delivers same features of speeds and user friendly web navigation which is suited both on touchscreen and keypad mobile devices.

Opera’s streamlined rendering engine and server-side compression allows it to quickly load pages so users can browse more and wait less. It also features address bar, shortcut keys and touch screen control for more flexible and effortless task by entering various addresses on the internet. It also features geolocation for GPS enabled phones, download manger and password manger for certain web sites.

It also takes advantage of every pixel that high end phones have to offer with its fullscreen mode. The address bar and toolbars disappear until they are needed, allowing users to maximize web page viewing. Users can pinch to zoom web page and touch tabs for preset web sites.

is definitely a good pick when it comes to speed and good browsing convenience.

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