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About Opera

Opera is a downloadable web browser that serves as a universal application that works on all major operating systems namely Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

Integrated to function with mobile devices as well, Opera contains rich features useful and practical for handling common Internet-related tasks. The browser features functions that are competitive with the abilities of other similarly designed software such as sending and receiving emails, website surfing, as well as uploading and downloading files.

Other functions of Opera includes convenient book marking; customizable browser action; keyboard shortcuts; mouse gestures, etc; download control; intuitive search engine utilities; active security and privacy services; and integrated debugging environment. There is now built in VPN in the browser itself.

Moreover, Opera supports tabbed browsing that enables app users to display, save and remove multiple web pages all at the same time. These pages can then be cascaded or tilted depending on the view preferences of the utilizer. The application has a Voice Recognition feature, thumbnail preview, mouse gestures, customization options through browser skins, and secure, yet customizable, Internet browsing security settings.

Furthermore, Opera’s new extension capability enables app users to easily add extensions and functions to fully personalize their utilized web browser.

employs the fastest Javascript Engine while still maintaining an interface that is simple and easy to use no matter what the computer proficiency of a user is.

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