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Onion Browser is safe and secure, but this comes at a somewhat hefty cost to your browsing experience - videos are ignored and not loaded, and browsing overall is much slower. Still, Onion makes do with what it has, and its security features are excellent, as well as its much-vaunted ability to bypass network restrictions and content filters.
Onion Browse lets you browse the internet without allowing websites, ISPs, and other third parties from monitoring your browsing or identifying you.

Using Onion Browser guarantees that your web browsing in your iPhone is kept safe and protected. With this browser, websites will not see your real IP address, as your traffic is channeled over the TOR network and fully encrypted.

Onion Browser will also allow you to bypass location restrictions on websites, as well as firewalls and filters on your own network or ISP. The browser provides you with the option to clear out cookies and history at all times, use different IP addresses, and disable scripts and multimedia content.

You must use this app at your own risk.

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