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The simple premise behind OneTab - convert all open tabs into a list of links with a single click - is in practice an amazing boon to productivity and computer speed, performing the dual task of reducing clutter to an easily-read list of tabs, while improving memory and CPU usage. All of this is done, again, through a single click; it's never been easier to manage your 30+ tabbed browsing sessions.
Free up memory and clear your browsing clutter with OneTab for Chrome.

The more tabs you have open in your browser, the more memory and CPU usage it takes up, and the more cluttered your workspace becomes.

is an add-on for Chrome that solves these issues without compromising your multitasking capabilities, by putting all of your tabs in a single list whenever you need to clear things up.

The add-on can save up to 95% of your tabs' memory usage and can even improve your overall performance, due to the smaller number of tabs that are active at any time. Once you have the list of tabs, you can restore any tab from the list that you need to browse, or open them all at once.

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