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OneNote is a solid note-taking solution that's easy to use, easy to access from any screen, and even features strong collaborative tools for multiple people to work on at once - and all for free. The app's ability to capture content from many sources is a huge plus, including integration with many third-party apps. Overall a solid tool for anyone whether in business, a student, or just people who need to organize their notes.
Take notes wherever and whenever with OneNote.

Microsoft OneNote is a note taking app for Android devices that allows you to create notes from a variety of content - whether typed, handwritten, drawn, clipped from the web, or scanned with your phone camera. The app stores your data in notebooks with freeform canvasses, and syncs them online across your Microsoft account and all of your devices.

Notebooks can be collaborated on with anyone you desire, allowing several people to work on the same notebook at once. You can edit, annotate, and leave comments and tags, that everyone can see. They also feature extensive organization features, like sections and separate pages, powerful search tools, custom labels, and more.

OneNote requires a free Microsoft account to use. The app features a badge that you can pin to your screen so you can quickly take notes whenever you need to without having to move to the app, and also a homescreen widget to help you take notes instantly.

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