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About Offline Survival Manual

The difference between life and death in an emergency is knowing what to do with Offline Survival Manual for Android.

We use and bring our cellphone in almost everywhere we go even when out in the camping or hiking. And in an event an emergency happening and no cellphone signal can be reached, if you don't know anything about survival or first aid, you and your phone won't last until help gets by or you managed to survive. Offline Survival Manual is an essential for those when in the outdoors. It can be used offline and it features many vital information like lifesaving steps, knowing about bone and joint injuries, bites, wounds, medical and environment injuries, herbal medicines and more.

The app also has information on building a shelter, water procurement, making a fire, getting food, use of plants in nature, making various tools and weapons, making a signal, direction finding ans using a map and many more.

Learn survival with Offline Survival Manual for Android.

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