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O&O ShutUp10 is one of the huge number of Windows 10 anti-spying tools that have come out on the market since the release of the controversial operating system. Most of these applications do the same thing, and O&O ShutUp10 is no exception. One advantage this app does have over others is that it doesn't need to be installed, coming in the form of a portable version that can be run once and applied instantly. Whatever the case, it works just fine.
Take control of Windows 10's privacy settings with O&O ShutUp10.

For better or for worse, Windows 10 has changed the way we interact with our PCs through a large quantity of data gathering. Some of the intended functions aim to simplify your life, but this comes at the cost of possible security and privacy risks.

O&O ShutUp10
aims to protect your privacy by having you decide which of these data gathering functions are enabled. It adapts to your security settings, controls location services, gives finer control over Windows updates, and prevents user data and diagnostics from being transmitted automatically.

The software runs immediately so there is no need to install it after downloading, and it will never download or install unwanted or unnecessary programs retrospectively.

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