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If anything, Norton Power Eraser is aggressive, and to the point that it can damage legitimate software (including other antivirus software) over the course of a scan. However, users can review and undo any past operations, which makes up for this false-positive fiasco that it commonly achieves. Other than that, the app is very effective, and detects many bad applications and threats quickly, and is simple to use.
Norton Power Eraser is an advanced security program for Windows OS which thoroughly removes deeply embedded malware  from your computer.

Norton Power Eraser aggressively targets scamware, crimeware, and other malware that often can't be detected by other anti-malware applications. The software makes use of a cloud-based rating system for different applications, and matches scanned objects against a whitelist and a list of bad applications in the cloud.

Norton Power Eraser works through a very simple user interface. There are minimal controls and it does not require complex configuration. The application is very aggressive and will remove potential threats without user confirmation, including false positives.

However, it has a repair and undo feature that lets you undo any unwanted actions.

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