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About Norton AntiVirus Basic

Norton Antivirus is very well-known antivirus software that can protect, detect, and delete malicious files from your computer such as viruses, spyware, and others.

Norton Antivirus has different features that would be attractive for the users. It blocks viruses and spyware that protect your computer by stopping these threats. One of the great features of Norton Antivirus is that it protects the user while surfing the Internet or when accessing files from floppy disks, CDs, or any other hard drives.

 The Norton Insight is the one who delivers the intelligence technology for the software to perform faster, fewer, and shorter scans of threats. For the latest version, there are some added and improved features. For the added features there’s the rapid pulse updates in every 5 to 15 minutes that provides an updated protection, a prevention method for the bots not to control the user’s computer, and a recovery tools that repairs the infected files or software. Norton Antivirus also improved some of their features such as providing double security through the Norton Protection Program and defending against web-based threats and attacks.

The downside of Norton Antivirus is that users are complaining that it slows down the computer specifically when it is in full scan but that doesn’t mean that the software isn’t effective. Overall, Norton Antivirus is still one of the best anti-viruses that can give positive user satisfaction.

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