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Shoot videos in its purest form with Nizo for iPhone.

The iPhone is more than a phone as thanks to its technological features make it a unique device to things like making films. Full length films have been made using the iPhone and you too can make one in its purest form with Nizo for iPhone.

There is nothing fancy or colorful about using this app to shoot films with real life presets that are inspired by nuanced and rich colors and the grain of film. There are 9 classic and contemporary looks to choose from.

Classic presets are inspired by motion picture film stocks like the Kodak Kodachrome and Kodak Tri-X complete with surprise imperfections and a grainy aesthetic. Other looks brings a modern day realism for natural looks. Other features include 4K recording at 24 fps and 60 fps, auto or manual modes, 1080 at 24 fps or 120 fps in slow motion, 16:9 ratio at 24 fps, wide angle or telephoto lens and more.

You can also watch avant garde films made on the app and explore curated experimental filmmakers.

Get this app for $4.99.

The new wave of filmmaking in your hands with Nizo for iPhone. 

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