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Discover anime with NineAnimator for iPhone.

When you have all the time in the world, it is the perfect opportunity to catch up with your hobbies and that includes anime. Watch the shows you intend to watch, continue the ones you have forgotten about and learn about new anime with NineAnimator for iPhone.

This app supports over 10 anime sites as well as synchronization with various anime lists like MyAnimeList, Kitsu, Anilist, Simkl and more. Thus, you don't need to surf between sites ijn order to find something to watch. Also, you can use this app to manage the anime for watching progress, view airing schedules, look for detailed anime information and browse for titles. It is concise, elegant and intuitive as everyone can contribute in the app thanks to it being open source.

Enjoy anime with this app.

Take time watching anime with NineAnimator for iPhone. 

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