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The mark of a great mobile game is a certain flexibility between long gaming sessions and bite-sized chunks in waiting lines. New Star Soccer offers a careful balance between the two, allowing you to as in-depth or as shallow in each session as you desire. The game is fun to play, despite mostly being abstracted in the form of page after page of numbers, diluting the "simulation" experience without much visuals.
Live the life of a football star in New Star Soccer for Android.

New Star Soccer is a simulation game that allows you to live the life of a star footballer, with all the ups and downs of managing a player's lifestyle, working with the relationships between you and other players, coaches and sponsors, and encountering and dealing with problems along the way.

Begin your life in the lower leagues at the age of 16, and rise up in your ranking and skills. Play in the casino, decide whether to take bribes, hire agents and trainers, own horses, and much more along the way. Build your skills and play well, eventually retiring with an amazing career game score, all to live the epic lifestyle of a celebrity athlete.

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