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About New Star Manager

Take the team to the top in New Star Manager for iPhone.

There are teams that are so good that they remained on top and that there are teams that are so bad, making changes becomes a tiresome activity all the time. In New Star Manager, you are in the latter as you are tasked of taking a beleaguered soccer club to becoming champions.

This is a soccer management game for iPhone as you play as not as the player, a coach but as the manager of the team. You take full and total control of the team from getting vital club facilities, getting sponsors, hiring the right staff and firing the bad ones, managing the training regimes of players and more. You must also be able to handle volatile players, get testy with the press, keep the fans in and try to manage the finances of the team too.

The game features realistic simulations of the biggest leagues and competitions.

Manage a soccer team in New Star Manager for iPhone.

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