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The ubiquitous Netflix service is as enjoyable an experience on mobile as it is on desktop. High-quality video, good streaming quality without hitting a buffering wall, and a great selection of titles are all possible on your phone with the Netflix app, and for many people this may be enough to stop relying on physical media or traditional downloads. The app brings the exact same functionality from the desktop browser version to mobile, in a familiar and attractive interface that resembles the browser version, which is all it needs to do to be a perfect system.
Explore a media library of thousands of movies and TV shows right at your fingertips with the Netflix app for Android.

Netflix provides you with access to the largest collection of premium video streaming content on the web. Browse through thousands upon thousands of TV shows and movies, from blockbuster films and documentaries to award-winning original series by Netflix, all available in high-quality streaming to your phone. Check out Netflix's recommendations based on what you've liked and watched. Or look for something you want to watch across a huge set of genres and categories.

also lets you rate the shows and movies you watched, making future suggestions from the service more accurate and finely tuned to the kind of content that you enjoy. You can also start watching on one device, like your computer, and continue where you left off on your mobile device. You'll also get the same recommendations no matter where you use your account.

requires a paid membership to function. Each membership has a certain restriction on how many screens can be simultaneously viewed, which includes smart TVs, computers, gaming consoles, mobile devices, and set-top boxes, among others. Quality of streamed movies depends on the stability and speed of your network connection, and also on what tier you've chosen to subscribe to.

Netflix is now available almost everywhere in the world, but content available varies between countries.

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