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Netflix has made waves across traditional cable programming and home media, with its combination of convenience and high quality that, until its arrival, have not been normally associated with streaming video services. Netflix, with its great selection of movies and TV shows, is one streaming service that could legitimately replace your downloaded media library, and you wouldn't even miss it. The app brings the exact same functionality to mobile, that you've known and loved from the PC version in a familiar and attractive interfaces, which is all it needs to do to be a perfect system. There are certain issues that come as part of the service itself and not the app - the selection of titles is constantly changing, with some previously-available movies disappearing at times - but overall, Netflix has been growing, and is only getting better.
With the official Netflix app for iPhone, you get access to an amazing library of TV series, movies, and documentaries available for streaming in HD.

Netflix provides you with access to the largest collection of premium video streaming content on the web. Browse through thousands upon thousands of TV shows and movies, from blockbuster films and documentaries to award-winning original series by Netflix, all available in high-quality streaming to your phone.

If you want to find something to watch, check out Netflix's recommendations based on what you've liked and watched. Or browse for different titles across tens of thousands of subgenres.

When watching, Netflix will check on your progress and synchronize it with your account across all devices. Start a show on your PC and continue on your iPhone wherever you left off, seamlessly. You'll also get the same recommendations no matter where you use your account.

The official Netflix app gives you the same experience that the browser version does, with full-quality HD streaming. Netflix lets you use five different profiles, allowing different members of your household to personalize their experience with Netflix and get their own recommendations. You can also get a Kids section that restricts access to more mature content.

Using the app requires a paid Netflix subscription. Quality of streamed movies depends on the stability and speed of your network connection, and also on what tier you've chosen to subscribe to. The quality of your streaming may vary depending on how much bandwidth is available to the app.

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