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About Navizon for Symbian

Navizon for Symbian is a downloadable BlackBerry-based application that serves portable and mobile device users as a functional and effective peer-to-peer wireless positioning utility.

Providing application users with the location (latitude and longitude) of the source of their WiFi/cellular signals, Navizon for Symbian identifies signal sources through a unique positioning system that combine WiFi and cellular triangulation. This system works on all networks such as GSM, CDMA, 3G and across all operators and service providers all over the world.

Navizon for Symbian has assembled a global database of cell towers covering all continents. Application users having installed Google Earth in their computers can even check out the application’s Global Coverage Map that can be visibly said to be growing in coverage over time.

However, Navizon for Symbian only listens for signals and does not attempt to connect to any wireless network.

Navizon for Symbian is currently available for download as a freeware.

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