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Explore the world of No Man's Sky with NMS Ally for the iPhone.

No Man's Lands has taken the world in its hype for its own approach to an open universe to play. It is a huge game with an entire virtual universe waiting to be explored that has over 18 quintillion planets that are each different thanks o procedural generation technology. technically, you are not alone in this game but with a game this vast, it feels like you are indeed alone. NMS Ally gives you some tools that you can use to enhance your No Man's Land experience by being active in the community right in your iPhone. This app lets you share screenshots and discoveries with the community, upload screenshots direct from the PlayStation. With this app, you can also create names for plates and creatures you have discovered. There is also a journal where you can take down notes like trades and discoveries.

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Take and explore the No Man's Land with NMS Ally for the iPhone.

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