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Making a viable handwriting note app is a challenge that few have undertaken effectively, for a variety of reasons ranging from inequality between finger and stylus input to general inaccuracy and of handwriting recognition as a whole. Smart Note is one of the few that try to make sense out of handwriting, and its efforts are truly *noteworthy.* Easy to use, fast, accurate, and with very natural usage and interaction with the app, it's a must-have for anyone who prefers pen-like stylus input. To really take advantage of the app, though, one must absolutely purchase the premium version of the app, to lift restrictions on notebook size and export capabilities.
Easily make handwritten notes on your Android device with MyScript Smart Note.

MyScript lets you easily and quickly write handwritten notes on your device, which can be transformed into text and managed in the app.

MyScript supports text recognition in 59 languages, so you'll always be able to get the words out of your notes. You can export notes as text or PDF, and send them right from within the app through email, Facebook, Dropbox, S-Note, Google Drive, and more.

The app comes with handy gestures for editing your words, LaTeX conversion of mathematical expressions, quick searching across all notes via keywords as well as definition search, and many more. Notes are stored in the cloud with support for Dropbox, Google Drive, and Evernote, so you'll always have access to your data, and you can easily share with your collaborators.

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