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Having already lagged far behind its Android and iOS counterparts in updates, the Windows Phone version of MyFitnessPal drives yet another nail into its coffin with severe crashes and login failures that prevent any rational use of its facilities. A shame, because MyFitnessPal works so well otherwise, not only having a crazy-big database of foods that is actually useful, but also featuring other fitness tracking capacities that work together to make a better whole. In theory.
Losing weight can be done with MyFitnessPal for Windows Phone.

MyFitnessPal provides access to an online database of over three million food entries, with a streamlined database available for offline use. It effectively remembers the user’s food favorites, supports adding of multiple foods at once, and can even save and add entire meals.

The app features voice commands that allow you to add new items to one's diary using just their voice. Food, exercise, and measurements can be added with just a long press on the Windows key. It also allows for push notifications about friend, comments, and more on the MFP social feed.

MyFitnessPal is available in a variety of international languages, and has support for many local units of measurement.

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