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Creating your own civilization in MyCiv for the iPhone.

What is civilization? It can be described as an "advanced" state of culture, race and class. It is the process of a society having progress and has developed into a centralized and urbanized elite. There are many civilizations known to history like from the time of the Ancient Romans, Ancient Greeks, Ancient Egyptians and even modern civilization today. Now, you get to create your own kind of civilization in MyCiv for the iPhone. In this game, you get to build your own civilization as the game features a procedural world generation with customization, a map editor, minimaps, multiplayer in LAN and online, A.I., civilization score, happiness level and more. There are 22 civilizations and custom abilities to explore with commercial exchange, 14 terrain improvements, 81 technologies, 54 troops, 82 buildings and more.

You can play the game with diplomacy or with the ruthless aggression of a warlord.

Be the creator of your own civilization in MyCiv for the iPhone. 

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